About Us

Gwendolen is a specialist lingerie and swimwear boutique situated at 6 Upper Dagnall Street in the heart of St Albans.

With over two decades of experience and hand-picked lines from the finest lingerie and swimwear brands. We will find you the perfect pieces.

Come and visit us or book your complementary fitting appointment. We also have gift certificates available for your loved one.

Why the Perfect Fit Matters

Bra fitting is not just about a bra that fits but rather associating THE Bra with THE Wearer – you can find a basic bra that fits or you can invest in the Bentley Continental of bras that will not only showcase your silhouette but will provide a comfort that will make the wearer forget their bra throughout the day and last longer, hence more sustainable. Higher quality bras are more likely to have higher percentages of cotton, silk and less likely to give the wearer allergies. Most of the high-end corsetry is also European made, meaning less CO2 usage and a more controlled supply chain.

  • Jennifer

    "I am an H cup and usually the highstreet retailers do not have sizes that fit me well. But Gwendolen does and it was pretty and perfect."

  • Natalie

    "The fitting session was a lovely experience and the bras are so comfortable. I will have to come back for another."

  • Sarah

    "I found that the Lise Charmel bras are long lasting and well worth that bit extra. Everytime I put my bra on it feels so good, I love a great red set and it cheers me up every time I put it on. "

Our Mission

Bra Fitters numbers are dwindling in the UK and I felt it was becoming more and more important to keep the skill of fitting alive. The same is true in Swimwear where specialists are few and far between. Armed with two decades working for brands that are world leaders in corsetry and swimwear - Lise Charmel and Speedo – and both technically at the cutting edge of what they do, I felt that I wanted to share my knowledge and curate a collection of what I deem worthy of more recognition. Buyers of chains or multinationals have their hands tied when choosing their collections, price, colour, quantities etc, here I can explain each piece and shine a light on the best of the two industries, leading to the creation of - Gwendolen - Lingerie & Swim